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Over Ten Years of Talent Coaching

I've been working with talent of all types for over ten years now with John Casablancas and MTM Agency as an in person instructor. And now, since quarantine, it has become my regular, in-home job. These days, my living room quickly becomes a very small video studio and I spend hours instructing classes of more than 20 people sometimes, how to look at themselves objectively for the purpose of finding representation in the entertainment industry. The idea is to understand the basics of self-preparation and more broadly entertainment. The sessions deal with all aspects of the business including but not limited to makeup, styling, fashion, runway, auditions, resumes and much more. I encourage my attendees to dig deep and find that spark that lives in all natural born entertainers. And then, if they do find that spark, I give them all of the information they need to pursue a career in the actual world of commercial entertainment. It's up to them to keep the fire going, but they get a much more informed start than someone who is trying to "wing-it".

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