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Pisces and Aries; The Fish and The Ram

Water and Fire and a full moon for change!

Pisces is a water sign, peace loving, and gentle. Sensitive, kind and not the type to "beat around the bush" Aries, is a fire sign and known to be a go-getter! They do not like sitting around or doing anything that could be considered "boring." These two energies are effecting all of the signs right now so if you are feeling a little sensitive and restless at the beginning of March, don't be surprised. If you need some get up and go, wear red to bring out that Mars (Aries) fire. For a sensitivity boost, wear something in sea green. Also, on March 2nd the New Moon in Pisces brings ability to change and create or manifest your best desires. Focus is the key. Stay thoughtful of what it is you want and remember, the more detailed the better! Good luck and happy manifesting! Want to see my full reading for this time of year? Check out In The Stars with Dwayne on Youtube at

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