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Fragrance 1020 (TEN-TWENTY), by Dwayne Dunlevy is a UNISEX luxury eau de parfum and is the culmination of my many years of experiences with designer products whenever my mother and I were together. From shopping in malls throughout the NJ metro area and stopping to smell all of the products at the counter to her final days on Earth when I sprayed her with her favorite perfumes and made sure she always had something beautiful to experience even when she wasn’t feeling well.

A family of fragrances based on and celebrating the life of my mother, 


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Rose’s favorites would usually have clean, floral, woodsy and exotic notes. Mostly bright and sparkly fragrances. And while her varied-tastes could seem non-discerning, she was very particular with the fragrances she did like.

There are now 5 beautiful products in the line...

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The offspring of fragrance 1020. The 1st son of the brand. A masculine leaning fragrance built of  wood notes, leather and of course a splash of Rose Absolute. 1202 conjours  an evening with the guys, a hint of tobacco, notes of Rosewood and Vetiver.  It starts out sweet and leathery and becomes woody and smooth.



Is the 1st daughter of the brand and is bright, clean and exciting. Notes of mint, cut grass and vetiver give this airy fragrance an almost effervescent effect. This one gets the blood pumping and the brain ready for action!

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1 Oz.

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