Autumn-lovers Rejoice!

I am not a hot-weather person. I just find it really stifling. I like to think it's because I am a very warm person. There are times when I will even sweat while simply thinking! When the Summer nears its end, I notice everyone saying things like "It was too short!" or "Don't say that!" whenever I mention looking forward to the Fall, as though I have some type of magical command over the weather. This wave of sadness comes over people all around me and it really threatens to bring me down. But alas, simply the thought of cool breezes and crisp, sunny days brings me great joy! I LOVE Autumn; football, hot toddies and sweaters! I mean, so much to look forward to! I am sure that I'm not alone, but it does seem that I meet very few people who share my excitement for the last part of the year. I know there are more of us out there, but I reckon that they're also in hiding...

The height of Fall in the Northeast is amazing.

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