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Comic, Host, Artist, Entrepreneur, and Coach
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My Specialization.jpg

Dwayne Dunlevy, a former New Jersey foster child, has forged an inspiring path of resilience and creativity.He symbolizes the profound impact of determination and talent.

Defying the odds, Dwayne emerged as a versatile professional in entertainment, graphic design, and art, accumulating over 18 years of experience as the CEO of Dwayne Dunlevy Productions. His expertise spans Graphic Design, Youth Coaching, Model & Actor Coaching with John Casablancas and MTM National Modeling and acting agency. .


Dwayne's narrative extends beyond professional success, echoing his ability to transform challenges into opportunities. His creative journey not only showcases artistic prowess but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for those overcoming adversities. Today, Dwayne Dunlevy stands as living proof that passion, talent, and resilience can shape a former foster child into a thriving and influential presence in the creative realm.


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"Every client is as important to me as the work that I'm doing"

Host & Comic

Acting & Modeling Coach


Insta: @dwaynedunlevy

Locations: Cleveland & Philadelphia


Phone: 267.237.2003


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